Wendy Warren

Associate Professor of History
Department of History
Office Phone
202 Dickinson Hall

Wendy Warren is an associate professor of history, specializing in colonial North America and the early modern Atlantic World. She is the author of New England Bound (2016) which described the lived experience of chattel bondage in 17th-century New England, illuminating the deadly symbiosis between slavery and settler colonization in the Atlantic World. Warren’s articles include studies sexual violence in colonial New England, on family separations in the Atlantic slave trade, and on early American historiography, among others. She is currently writing The Carceral Colony, an exploration of the role of prisons in the colonization of 17th- and 18th-century North America, with particular emphasis on the ways European and Native American ideas of justice conflicted. The study hopes to complicate our understanding of freedom in anglophone colonial North America, while offering a social history of the lived experience of incarceration for the colonists, colonized, and enslaved. Warren's teaching and research interests include colonial North America and the Atlantic world, Native American history, comparative slavery, comparative colonialism, and critical prison studies.