Sophie Gee

Associate Professor of English
Associate Chair
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49 McCosh Hall
  • Ph.D. Harvard University



Sophie Gee works on 18th-century British literature. 18th century England was aggressively pursuing a global empire when the novel came into existence as the dominant literary form in English. Indigenous peoples and native practices across North America and the Caribbean were recorded and absorbed into early English and American novels, but at the same time Indigenous life and cosmologies resisted representation. Her next monograph is about ritual eating and migrating in the 18th century, and she looks to Indigenous rituals and practices that challenge English and settler colonial understandings of what eating and migrating mean in an age of global imperial aggression. She is working on incorporating mindfulness, breathwork, and other embodied practices into her teaching and research and hopes to collaborate with faculty and students working on Indigenous embodiment. She welcomes opportunities to mentor and advise students, and to work with other faculty.

Selected Publications