Nathan Jessee

Postdoctoral Research Associate and Environmental Teaching Fellow, High Meadows Environmental Institute
M26, Guyot Hall

Ph.D. Temple University, Anthropology

M.S. University of New Orleans, Urban Studies

B.A. University of New Mexico, English-Philosophy


Nathan Jessee is an interdisciplinary scholar focused on social, political, and cultural dimensions of environmental change. Nathan has used ethnography and participatory research to understand and address legacies of ecocide, land dispossession, development and disaster forced displacement, and the politics of climate change in the Mississippi River Delta. Nathan has worked alongside Isle de Jean Charles Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Tribal leaders, the First Peoples Conservation Council of Louisiana, and the Lowlander Center and is motivated by research that advances Indigenous-led struggles to regenerate land and ecological relations, lifeways, and power and that harmonizes disaster policy with housing justice. At Princeton University, Nathan will co-teach a field seminar in environmental studies with Prof. Jerry Zee (Anthropology).  

Selected Publications