Marília Librandi

Acting Director of the Portuguese Language Program
Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
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360 East Pyne
  • Ph.D. and M.A in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, Universidade de São Paulo
  • B.A in Portuguese Language and Literatures. PUC-SP

Marília Librandi is a mestiza born in Brazil. Her Indigenous ancestry is related to the Canelas, a Timbira group, from the State of Maranhão in Central Brazil. At Princeton, she teaches courses such as “Indigenous Brazil“ and “Amerindian Perspectivism.” In collaboration with the Brazil Lab, Marília has invited chief Almir Suruí to the event “Amazonia Leapfrogging,” and has co-organized the workshop “Amazonian Poetics.” She has written articles and essays about literature and Amerindian perspectivism, the Guarani Kaiowá letter, and the Indianist poet Sousândrade. In Brazil, Marília collaborates with the Ph.D. and master’s program “Diversitas” from Universidade de São Paulo, where she is the advising the master’s of four Bororos students. At Stanford University, she organized an event with Eduardo Viveiros de Castro and James Clifford, and in Brazil, she participated in the event “Variações do Corpo Selvagem.”

Marília’s current research project focuses on the Echopoetics and the Art of Nets in Amerindian’s hammocks, fishing nets, drawings, arts and texts. She is a lecturer with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and a 2020-21 Acting Director of the Portuguese Program at Princeton University.