Wellness and Culture: Spring 2021 Ivy Native Conference

Apr 24, 2021



Event Description

Dartmouth College and Princeton University are pleased to announce the Spring 2021 Ivy Native Conference with the theme of Wellness and Culture.

What exactly does Native Wellness look like? Within Indian Country, Health is most often synonymous with wholeness. As a result, health is only understood within the context of the whole. Health involves a balance and harmony of the body, mind, and spirit, and to relationships with family, community, and the land.

We will be discussing and hearing from leaders of various organizations and grassroots initiatives on how they interpret Wellness and Culture within Indian Country. The goal of these workshops will be to learn from these speakers, but also serve as a place of listening, sharing, and supporting one another as we discuss these issues.

  • Natives at Princeton
  • Carl A. Fields Center