Waapance! ‘Let it Light!’: Awakening Myaamia ‘Miami Indian’ Storytelling Practices

Feb 1, 2024, 4:30 pm6:00 pm



Event Description

George Ironstrack, citizen of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and assistant director of the Myaamia Center will share the story of the revitalization of Myaamia ‘Miami Indian’ storytelling practices along with a few Aalhsoohkaana ‘Winter Stories’ and Aacimoona ‘Historical Narratives’ as examples of the progress of this effort. The renewal of storytelling practices sits within a larger Miami Tribe effort to reclaim and revitalize their language after a thirty year period of dormancy. The storytelling discussion will focus on how this language and culture revitalization effort is helping the community heal from their history of forced removals, land loss, and educational abuse.

  • Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative at Princeton
  • Land, Language, and Art, a Global Initiative From the Humanities Council
  • Princeton American Indian and Indigenous Studies Working Group