Princeton Environmental Film Festival: ‘Lowland Kids’

Oct 12, 2020Oct 18, 2020


Event Description


Photo of film protagonists sitting on a dock facing away from the camera.

This short film directed by Sandra Winther tells the story of Choctaw siblings Howard and Juliette, the last teenagers on Isle de Jean Charles, a sinking island on the coast of Louisiana.

For the two siblings, this place has always been home. After losing their parents, their uncle has raised them on this island, passing on his love and appreciation for the land. But the island is running out of time. Due to rising sea levels and hurricanes, the Brunet family finds themselves forced to leave Isle de Jean Charles, and saying goodbye is not easy. The future can’t possibly be brighter than the life they have here. Or could it?

To learn more about Juliette Brunette and her family read professor Anne McClintock's article in Teen Vogue: The Last Teenagers on Isle de Jean Charles, AN Island Climate Change is Washing Away.


  • Princeton Public Library
  • Princeton Environmental Institute