Indigenous American Urbanism: Teotihuacan and its Legacy in Comparative Perspective (CD or LA)

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LAS 307 / ANT 307 / ARC 317 / ART 388
Spring 2022
Trent Dwight Barnes
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This course invites students to study Teotihuacan, Mexico, the largest urban development of American antiquity. It considers this city's art history and archaeology over six weeks, to culminate in a 1-week fieldtrip to view the city's ruins, if possible. We will then examine those major pre-Hispanic polities with which Teotihuacan interacted, including Tikal, Guatemala, or upon which it exerted historical influence, such as Tenochtitlan, Mexico City. The final two weeks will consider comparative settlement and architectural data from the Mississippian, Puebloan, and Inka cultures of Indigenous North and South America.